Lamp Design Contest. True story.

afis design contest


Motto: “Just remember, the night has come, turn on the light, the light inside and start reading yourself with the lamp alight!”

Lightening forms made from manual paper, for the interior, used during the night-time. They will be in their ideal use while kept alight during one’s reading.

Alternative solutions, other than bending, cutting and pasting are encouraged and favoured.

The thought you have to keep in mind, when you start rendering this design in your head is:
“Just remember, the night has come, turn on the light, the light inside and start reading yourself with the lamp alight!”

Innovation is key in this context, the innovation applied to manual moulding paper, in order to make them a sustainable product. This innovative design has to be provided with ingenious technical solutions, in order to be reproduced in a limited series. This is NOT a contest for generating ideas, yet it is proposing a resourceful and clever solution for the full extent of designing and producing lamps made out of paper.


– Every participant needs to be over 18 years old. But if you fall outside of the age range please don’t feel excluded and contact us at (contest@luminish.com). Age has nothing to do with your experience or/and with your portfolio. If you are under 18 you must have a signed permit from one of your parents or guardians.
– Every participant needs to be enrolled in a design school from Norway.
– We do not perceive any fees in order for the students to participate in our design contest.


The jury will be consisting of the members of the Association of the Craftsmen Order, Bucharest, Romania.


Innovation – Adapting the manual paper properties to the construction of the object.
Technical solutions – The efficient use of the materials. Solutions for natural fireproofing of paper. Proposing a proper bulb and socket according to the needs of the paper heating conditions and light colour variation ( Neutral light is preferred).
The use of other materials (other than paper) have to be minimal and they have to be in accordance with the paper.
Aesthetics – An appropriate thinking of the proportions according to nature’s laws.
Proper Framing – The adaptation for form, function and proportion to the environment.
Concept –Has to be according to the innovation and aesthetics points and inspired by a natural source that manifests a biological rhythm (day/night, ascent/descent, static/movement).


Starting 1st of September until 30th of November the potential participants can start submitting their entry forms in the competition.

Judging will begin on the 1st of December and it will finish on the 10th of December.

The winner will be announced on the 11th of December.


Each contestant must submit one design.

The entrant must complete the entry form and send it at contest@luminish.com.

The  entrant must submit an archive containing:

  1. A short description of the concept ( 500-1000 words .doc, .pdf) – Optional: a link with video clip may be added to your description, in the document.
  2. A technical file,2d ( .ai, .psd, .cdr .pdf) containing: Sketches of the object ( front, back, left, right, upwards, bottom) ; Sketches with relevant technical details for the realization of the production.
  3. Images of the object either as a mock-up or at real scale, integrated in a proper space: kitchen, dinning, bar, lounge. (Note: It is an advantage if you make the design at a real scale (not just the mock-up) but it is not obligatory.)
  4. A .pdf containing work in progress. (text and images 200 words/images, a minimum of 10 images – max 30).
  5. Proposed name of the object (Not your personal name).


The winner receive a 500€ prize.
The winner will also be able to have his/hers name on the lamp (or any other pseudonym of choice).


All that you do with your design is yours and you own the rights for the design you’re submitting and that the Artwork does not incorporate any images or other elements which are subject to third party proprietary rights.

When you submit you artwork, you give the Association of the Craftsmen Order the full extent of your copyright rights, in order to be reproduced and used to any extent on third party websites etc.

The use of your design by the Association of the Craftsmen Order will not rise to civil liability or violate any law.

By entering your design in the Luminish Lamp Design contest organised by the Association of the Craftsmen Order, you indemnify the Association of the Craftsmen Order from and against any costs or damages occurred as a result of any branch of the representations and warranties made by the entrant herein.

The entrant understands and agrees that the Association of the Craftsmen Order may commercially (publicity wise) exploit the artwork and design created by the entrant without any form of remuneration.

The entrant understands that he or she may not use the design selected by the Association of the Craftsmen Order for any other purpose except that he/she may use it in their professional portfolio.


THE WINNER must print and sign this document and send to the Association of the Craftsmen Order, via post, in within 2 weeks from the finalisation of the contest. This printed and signed documents will stand for a transfer of the winners copyright to the Association of the Craftsmen Order.

The deadline for sending this document is 25th of December 2015. Until the 25th of December the winner must also send us via e-mail of post any other relevant information requested by the Association of the Craftsmen Order about his design and the detailed vector editable formats of the object ( the formats will the agreed upon mutually).

For any other questions and for details about the production of the design, the Association of the Craftsmen Order will stay in touch with the winner. (Consider this as a friendship.)

If the winner is to refuse any of the requirements stated by the Association of the Craftsmen Order, the jury will have to consider another winner.

*For any questions and details about the concept of the contest, terms and regulations or any other relevant information please contact us contest@luminish.com.